Land Acquisition and Registration

This area of practice occupies a large part of our firm’s overall practice.

We assist clients in, among other things, acquiring land for their projects, handle cases for original land registration in court or administrative proceedings, register and annotate mortgages, sale deeds, adverse claims, lis pendens and other transactions involving land, handle and process foreclosure of mortgage as well as cases for reconveyance of property and ejectment, and advise on, and assist in, expropriation proceedings.

We currently advise an energy group in connection with the acquisition of land for the various power-related projects of its companies. This work involved preparing the acquisition plan and the required documents and contracts, completing land registration requirements, assisting with the negotiations with landowners and making representations with local government units, affected communities and national government agencies for the project permits, overseeing the land registration cases filed for the various project sites to confirm ownership over the properties, assisting in the review of the current permits and required permits for existing and new projects; assessing and mitigating potential legal risks for various projects.

We also oversee the land acquisition of various target properties as part of an industrial park expansion and advised the client on the legal framework and strategy for property acquisition.