Energy, Oil & Gas

The firm prides itself as being one of the few firms handing major projects in energy, oil and gas in the Philippines.  We advise clients on the provisions of existing Philippine laws and proposed legislation and regulations on energy, oil and gas; draft and review power supply or renewable energy supply agreements, service contracts for oil and renewable energy projects (such as hydropower, geothermal, solar and wind), connection agreements, gas purchase, drilling, and other key project agreements, and related financing and security agreements; initiate and establish the legal framework and guidelines for energy and gas-related projects; conduct compliance monitoring during project development and operation; provide advice on regulatory aspects of power, pipeline and other energy-related projects; represent clients before concerned government agencies such as the Energy Regulatory Commission and local government units; conduct due diligence review on power and energy related projects; and assist in the bidding for energy-related assets.

In 2009, we assisted a bidder in the conduct of due diligence, review of bidding documents, and submission to the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities  Management Corporation (PSALM) of the winning bid for the privatization of the 0.8MW Amlan Hydropower Plant, located in Amlan, Dumaguete.

Since 2009, we have been advising a major renewable energy company on regulatory requirements and compliance issues. We have also been assisting the client in the review of documents crucial to its operations, such as human resource policies and various supply and service agreements, including engineering, procurement and construction contracts. We also advised the client on the restructuring and transfer of its drilling operations, the review and standardization of all its drilling contracts and the acquisition and sale of its drilling rigs. We provided the client with the legal framework for the permitting process for its solar, wind, and geothermal projects and conducted seminars to update its various units/departments on current legal requirements, particularly, on environmental and health laws, local and national permitting requirements, labor and human resource, construction permits, taxation, and corporate governance, among other things. We have also been overseeing the company’s various litigation cases since 2009, relating to labor, local tax assessments, ejectment and criminal cases.